The office of the Commissioner, Gurgaon Division came in to existence on 1-11-89. There are four districts under this division namely Gurgaon/ Faridabad/ Rewari and Mahendergarh. The Commissioner, Gurgaon is the head of the department of the offices of Deputy Commissioner's of the above mentioned districts. The Commissioner, Gurgaon also supervise and inspect the working of the Deputy Commissioner's offices under his control. The budget which was sanctioned from the Govt. is also allotted to the offices of Deputy Commissioner's by the Commissioner. The financial matters of the offices of Deputy Commissioner are also sent to the Govt. for approval after scrutinizing by the Commissioner. The Commissioner, Gurgaon being the Chairman of the Committee, fixes the rates of the Nazool Land, Surplus Land and other Govt. Lands for sale/ allotment in the subordinate districts. Commissioner is the appointing authority of the Naib Tehsildars. By virtue of the amendment in the year 2000, Commissioner is the appointing authority of the Assistants/ Deputy Superintendent working in Deputy Commissioner's Office and the appointing authority of his own staff. The power to take action under Rule 8 of the (Punishment & Appeal Rules), 1987 have been delegated to the Commissioner in respect of DRO/ Tehsildar / Superintendent.

The Commissioner is the Appellate / Revisional Authority in the Revenue Court cases. Commissioner also has the powers to convene the meeting for the election of Mayor / Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Corporation, Faridabad and also administer the Oath of allegiance to all the elected members of MCF. The Commissioner also supervise / inspect the working of Revenue Courts in the sub-ordinate districts.